Welcome to central penn

1. First fill out this form.  In order to best serve your event please answer as many of these questions as possible. Several you may not not be able to answer, and that is okay. It just gives us a snapshot of YOUR expectations and what we need to do to help you plan and possibly market your event. 

* Menu can be forwarded for DJ’s Smoke Shack.

** CPSC has seating for 99 guests. After that, tables and chairs will be rented at a reasonable fee.

*** For groups in excess 120 guests, a porta-john will be rented.  

CPSC Catering form

2. Then fill out this form for catering services (if required).  Catering services provided by DJ’s Smoke Shack

  • Meat prices subject to change depending on market prices
  • 3rd Side $2 Extra
  • Rolls & Sauces Included
  • Beverages Included
  • Breakfast Options Available
  • $500 Minimum for Catering

event fees

These fees based on services requested and number of guests planning to attend.  Please request an Event Form to be submitted and a price will be determined based on your needs.

1-10 guests: $75
11-25 guests: $250
26-55 guests: $350
51-75 guests: $475
76-100 guests: $600
101-150 guests: $700 (Facility will be closed to all except your guests. You will have the exclusive use of Central Penn Grounds and staff)
151-200 guests:
$850 (Facility will be closed to all except your guests.  You will have the exclusive use of Central Penn Grounds and staff)



  • Onsite Event Planner
  • Catering Available (outside food vendors also welcome)
  • Private Event Space
  • Custom Scorecards
  • Event Scoring
  • Outside TV for presentation hook-up
  • Additional promotions for your event on our website, Facebook page, and email of over 1,000 folks.
  • Ice machine
  • Large heater for cold weather events at minimal cost.
  • Table & chairs provided for 99 people (additional can be rented at small fee)
  • Instructors and trappers are available at additional costs if requested.


50 Targets: $23/person
75 Targets: $28/person
100 Targets: $35/person
Extra Targets: $.35/each
(excess targets after show pairs & initial targets)

Wobble: $8/person
Golf Carts: $28 each (for members of the organization renting the facility)
Push Carts: No Charge
Loaner Guns: $20 each
Box of 25 Shells: Market Price
Case of 250 Shells: Market Price
Lost or Broken Controller : $400

*Corporate Members receive Member Pricing and $100 off Facility Pricing.