Our top quality and challenging course has 20 unique stations. The course is set among open fields as well as a forest of evergreen pine, fir and cedar trees, as you follow a winding path throughout the property.

Our course presents shooters with a wide variety of targets that duplicate the flight path of gamebirds such as flushing, crossing, incoming and other angling shots. Targets are changed regularly. Shooters are permitted to shoot at all stations or just the stations they choose. We provide a “menu” for our course.

2021 Pricing


100 Targets: $33

50 Targets: $21

Additional Targets
are $.30 each

Wobble Trap:

Member and Non-member: $8 for 25 Targets

Golf Cart Rental:

Member: $20

Non-member: $30


100 Targets: $40

50 Targets: $25

Shotgun Rental



12 gauge: Call for Pricing

20 gauge: Call for Pricing

16 & 28 gauge: Out of Stock

.410: $12/box

*25 shells per box

Military Discount Available

sporting clays Membership

If you are an avid shooter or are looking to become one, consider joining CPSC as a member. As a member you receive reduced rates on targets, golf cart rentals, merchandise, and various other savings throughout the year. In addition, members receive a “punch card” to work towards earning a free round of 100 targets with every visit!


$75 per year

  • Reduced pricing on targets
  • Reduced pricing on golf cart rentals
  • Reduced pricing on CPSC merchandise
  • Membership “Punch Card”

$100 per year – covers all individuals in the household

  • Reduced pricing on targets for all individuals within your household
  • Reduced pricing on golf cart rentals
  • Reduced pricing on CPSC merchandise
  • Membership “Punch Card”

$1,200 per year

  • 1,000 rounds
  • One-time use of the facility for up to 75 people
  • 5 primary shooters listed for member pricing
  • Member pricing for golf carts
  • $5 discount on all gun rentals

The Rules

  1. Ear & Eye protection must be worn on the course at all times, this includes non-shooters as well.
  2. Low Brass Shells Only (7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot). At no time should a shooter load more than TWO shells into the shotgun.
  3. All shots must be taken from within the shooting station. Shooting “next to” or “in front of” a station is prohibited.
  4. When leaving any station or shooting area, shooters must ensure that the shotgun is unloaded and the action is open.
  5. Never touch or try to repair a trap machine. Please notify the CPSC staff so they can fix any problems or safety concerns.
  6. We are not responsible for any damages to your person or any equipment that falls off of a golf cart for any reason whether it’s yours or CPSC’s equipment.
  7. All golf cart riders must be seated. No hanging or standing on the back of a golf cart. No more than 4 riders per cart.
  8. Drivers of CPSC golf carts must possess a valid drivers license.

Any infraction of these rules will result in loss of privileges and possible expulsion from the property.