Central Penn prides itself on having great bird cover throughout the hunting season. We do yearly plantings for cover and food plots of grain and corn. Our hunting fields consist of a mixture of warm season switch grasses, little and big blue stem, cool season orchard grass, with food plots. Lots of places for the birds to hide.

2024/25 Pricing

Membership Pricing:

Individual: $850
Includes $400 bird credit

Corporate: $1,500
Includes $800 bird credit

Al La Carte Bird Pricing:

Quail: $14

Chukar: $21

Hungarian Partridge: $26

Pheasants (Mixed Run): $31

Dog & Guide: $115

Nonmember Gun Fee is $25/hunter unless $300 worth of birds are purchased.

$115 extra for guide and dog

Cleaning of birds is also available for an additional fee of $2/bird.

SALE Prices only good until SEPTEMBER 1st!


CPSC stock Quail on a release program with our bird members that allow them to release our stock birds to work their dogs in the fall. Bird hunting memberships can be purchased individual or corporate. Hunting memberships begin September 1st and are good for 1 year. This allows you to train and exercise your dog throughout the year.

Click to Download/Print Bird Hunting Membership Form

Individual Membership:

$850 per year

  • 35 Quail Credits ($400 worth of birds)
  • 25 training Quail will be provided until November 1st. There must be no live ammo used when taking these out and the birds must not be killed. These are for training purposes and to further stock the field. These will not be deducted from your bird credit membership.
  • No additional fee for guests
  • Use of fields for “scratch” hunting
  • 1 year sporting clay membership
Corporate Membership

$1,500 per year

  • 70 Quail Credits ($800 worth of birds)
  • 5 Primary members listed
  • All individual membership privileges

Suggested hunting packages

You can create your own package of game birds or go with one of our suggested packages. Suggested packages are exempt from the $25.00 gun fee.

Suggested Packages (Sale prices only good until September 1st)
Package 1

6 Pheasants
6 Chukars
6 Quail

$350 sale

Package 2

Quail Package:
50 Quail

$600 sale

Package 3

Chukar/Huns Package:
11 Chukars
11 Huns

$450 sale

Package 4

Chukar Package:
22 Chukars

$400 sale

Package 5

Pheasant Package
20 Pheasants

$550 sale

Package 6

5 Pheasants
5 Chukars

$220 sale

Rules & Regulations

  1. Our #1 Rule is Safety. Please be aware of your surroundings, as well as any hunters and dogs that are accompanying you.
  2. PA law requires 250 sq. in. of fluorescent orange on head, chest & back combined.
  3. Hunting season begins Sept 1st and ends March 26th.
  4. Only low brass shells permitted (7 ½, 8, & 9 shot only).
  5. Dogs must be under control by handlers at all times.
  6. Hunters must stay within field boundaries. If you are unsure, please ask.
  7. You must check in with the office before entering any field.
  8. All hunters MUST sign in, sign out, and take tags.
  9. We require a 24 hour notice on all cancellations. If it is within 24 hours, there will be a 10% restocking fee.
  10. CPSC guided hunts will require a deposit of $100 (non-members only).
  11. All Hunts are ½ day. AM hunts begin 8:30/9am and PM hunts begin 12:30/1pm.
  12. Guided hunts will be a maximum of 3 hours. Additional hours can be purchased at the guide’s discretion.
  13. Birds will be placed out in no more than 2 braces.
  14. We ask that you please pick up your shells as you go.
  15. Lastly, HAVE FUN!!

Any infraction of these rules will result in loss of privileges and possible expulsion from the property.