2017 Butcher Block Blast

2017 Butcher Block Jpeg

Join us for our Annual Butcher Block Blast!

100 Target NSCA Registered Shoot

Saturday, March 25th 2017

Shooting begins at 8:30am. Shooters must be off the course by 1:00pm. Prizes awarded at 2:00pm.

Must be present to receive prizes.

Cost of the shoot is $75 and you must pre-register with a $40 deposit by Wednesday, March 22nd. NO WALK-INS.

More information can be found on the flyer which is located on the main page of our website in the slide show and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/central.clays


Hope to see everyone there!

Winter Bird Special

2017 Bird Special

CLOSED 2/10/17 & 2/11/17

Due to the inclement weather yesterday, our sporting clays course will be closed today(2/10) and tomorrow (2/11). The bird hunting schedule will NOT be effected by this. We apologize for any inconvenience.

2017 Calendar of Events

2017 Calendar of Events

March 25th: Butcher Block Blast*

March 31st: Anthony Matarese Jr. Lessons & Mental Game Seminar

April 29th: 3-Bird/Buddy Shoot

June 3rd: Zerbe Hunt Club Shoot

June 7th: T-Bones & Targets

June 10th: Spring Fling*

June 21st: T-Bones & Targets

July 12th: T-Bones & Targets

July 25th: Anthony Matarese Jr. Lessons

July 26th: T-Bones & Targets

July 29th: Summer Smash*

August 9th: T-Bones & Targets

August 30th: T-Bones & Targets

September 9th: AWLS Fundraiser

September 16th: Fall Fest

November 4th: Halloween Havoc*

November 15th: Anthony Matarese Jr. Lessons

*NSCA registered shoots

Gift Certificates Available

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Stop by Central Penn Sporting Clays and pick up a gift certificate today! It’s a unique experience for all ages and experience levels. We offer monetary value gift certificates as well as personalized packages for sporting clays and upland bird hunting.

Stop by any day during our normal business hours or give us a call at 717-432-3108 and we will mail one out to you!

Happy Holidays!



Thanksgiving Day: 8:30am until Noon (must be off course by noon)
Black Friday: 8:30am until 4:00pm
Christmas Eve: 8:30am until Noon (must be off course by noon)
Christmas Day: CLOSED
New Years Eve: 8:30am until Noon (must be off course by noon)
New Years Day: CLOSED

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Halloween Havoc Results

Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday for our Halloween Havoc registered shoot. Despite the wind, we had a decent turn out. You can find the results below. All ties were broken with reverse long run.

Name Score NSCA Class
$112.50 Brad Powell 92 546803 M
$67.50 Rodger Becker 92 522329 M
$45 Ricky Fung-a-fat 90 539813 M
Jared Rumer 86 526548 M
Nathan Lightner 81 606414 AA
Richard Kiceniuk 78 506909 M
Bill Smith 76 542430 M
Gregg Bard 74 510146 A
Jan Calaman 73 618625 AA
Jeff Koval 72 525824 AA
Fred Holder 71 639418 C
Michael Fragassi 71 640998 B
Dave Schultheiss 69 601730 B
Bob Hanes 69 517953 M
Hank Stabolepszy 68 655601 E
$112.50 Donald Dunning 67 538068 A
$45 Tony DiGiulio 66 505681 A
$67.50 Tyler Neave 66 650319 D
Jon Pries 64 625542 C
Bill Boykin 63 643363 C
Frank Freidl 63 640857 D
Mike Jeffers 62 533524 A
Mike Stabolepszy 61 502699 D
Roger Sullivan 60 635049 D
Andrea Seefeldt Knight 60 613915 AA
Govane McClees 59 626113 E
Bob Mahoney 59 541288 C
Joe Durden 58 545703 A
Benjamin Schrock 57 656000 E
Chuck Gittings 46 643166 E
Hailey Neave 30 652340 E


The Money Station (Station #16) Results:

Name Money Station
$8.40 Brad Powell 6
$8.40 Rodger Becker 6
$8.40 Gregg Bard 6
$8.40 Fred Holder 6
$8.40 Jon Pries 6
Ricky Fung-a-fat 5
Jared Rumer 5
Michael Fragassi 5
Andrea Seefeldt Knight 5
Bob Mahoney 5
Bob Hanes 4
Hank Stabolepszy 4
Tony DiGiulio 4
Frank Freidl 4
Chuck Gittings 4
Jan Calaman 3
Donald Dunning 3
Roger Sullivan 3
Bill Boykin 2
Mike Stabolepszy 2
Govane McClees 2
Nathan Lightner n/a
Richard Kiceniuk n/a
Bill Smith n/a
Jeff Koval n/a
Dave Schultheiss n/a
Tyler Neave n/a
Mike Jeffers n/a
Joe Durden n/a
Benjamin Schrock n/a
Hailey Neave n/a


*If you are receiving this via email, please log onto our website for a better viewing format. Results are listed under the Latest News tab.


Thank you & Have a Great Week!

Halloween Havoc Shoot

We are hosting another NSCA registered shoot on Saturday, October 22nd. The shoot will start at 8:30am and you must be off the course by 2pm. The cost of the shoot is $60 and that includes 100 registered targets, a $15 lewis, and lunch. We hope to see you there!


(you can also find the flyer on our homepage in the slideshow)


Trapper Wanted

We are still in need of ONE trapper for our annual Conewago Shoot. This shoot will take place on Thursday, Oct. 6th at 2pm. All trappers should be at the club by 1pm. Each trapper will receive $50 or 2 Free Rounds, plus dinner. If you are interested, please call Kara at 717-432-3108.

Thanks & Have a Great Day!



English Setter Puppies

John Gaskins, our head dog guide, has English Setter puppies for sale. These pups will be ready to go to homes between November 9th and November 16th. Price: $800.

If you are interested in a pup or want more information about this litter, please contact John & Kathy Gaskins.

207-448-2477 until November 1st

610-857-2586 after November 1st.


Email: johngsetters1@gmail.com


Have a great day!