Due to the amount of snow along with freezing temperatures the sporting clay couse we will be Closed today, unsure about today just depends on the weather.

Thank you & sorry for your inconvenience

2017/18 Iowa Whitetail

Congrats to Charlie, Jerry, Jean, Connor, Dave, Carl, & Jim on their Studs.



Charlie 1 Jerry Waberg Jean Connor Charlie CarlLate season


Gift Cards Available

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Don’t forget, Christmas is right around the corner!! What better gift to give than a gift card to shoot some clays!! Gift cards available now.

Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all who have served or still serving. 

Veterans Day 2017

Iowa 2017- 18 Season

Another one bites the dust….Congrats to Jim Kearns.  

Jim Kearns

Iowa 2017-18 Season

image Chrisimage1image Adamimage Cazz

Take a look at Iowa’s opening Archery season, what an amazing start to the season.

From left to right, Chris O’Hara, Harold Stoneberger, Adam Flood, & Brian Cassium.

2017 Halloween Havoc Results

Thank you to everyone who came out today for our Halloween Havoc registered shoot. You can find the results below. All ties were broken with reverse long run.


Name Re entry Score NSCA Class $ Station
1st (87.50) Rodger Becker 93 522329 M 2
2nd (61.25 Ricky Fung-A- Fat 87 539813 M 4
Bob Hanes 82 517953 M 5
3rd (26.25 John Hougendobler 82 532928 AA 5
Jay Monoski 80 657315 C n/a
Patrick Tarquinio 79 647586 B n/a
$ Station (20) Fritz Dening 79 636360 M 5
Rick OTT 77 633285 AA n/a
Richard Kiecenivk 85 77 506909 M n/a
Jared Harnish 77 515916 A n/a
1st (87.50) Craig Floyd 75 541842 C n/a
2nd (61.25 Charlie Mello 74 C n/a
Keith Fishel 73 614090 C n/a
3rd (26.25 Dave Schultheiss 73 601730 B n/a
Roger Sullivan 73 635049 D 1
Kevin cline 73 615021 C n/a
Matt Fenstermaker 73 559043 D n/a
Jeff Koyal 71 523824 AA n/a
Curt Benyo 71 667345 E 0
Rick  kawn 70 547318 M n/a
1st (87.50) Diane Dening 69 636361 B n/a
2nd (61.25 Henry Cifuni 67 882553 B n/a
Joe Durden 62 545703 A n/a
Gouane Mcclees 62 636112 E n/a
3rd (26.25 Allen leeson 62 n/a
Douglas Taylor 62 573986 D n/a
Nathaniel Leppo 61 662593 D 0
Warner Parks 61 508366 D n/a
Loren Peters 60 600636 C 0
Antanas Arvystas 60 58 New member n/a
Greg Linsdey 57 522821 B n/a
Chuck Gittings 52 E 0
Gary Melvin 50 651070 E n/a
David Myers 38 651305 E n/a
Jim Tanzola 33 none none n/a


If you are receiving this via email, please log onto our website for a better viewing format. Results are listed under the Latest News tab.


Thank you & have a Wonderful weekend.

2017 Halloween Havoc

2017 Halloween Havoc

NSCA registered shoot

November 4th beginning at 8:30am. All registered shooters must be off the course by 2pm.

Cost $60

Includes: 100 targets, registration fees, $15 Lewis entry, and lunch.

2017 Halloween Havoc

Please call ahead to reserve golf carts 717-432-3108

You can also find our flyer on the home page in the slide show.


Happy Shooting!


We are looking for Trappers for our Annual Conewago Shoot.

Date: Thursday, Oct 12th (rain date: Thurs. Oct. 19th)

Time: Trappers arrive no later than 2:30pm (shoot begins at 3pm)

Compensation: $50 OR 2 rounds of 100 targets, plus dinner


If interested, please call Kara at 717-432-3108.