Sporting Clays

Our top quality and challenging course has 20 unique stations. The course is set among open fields as well as a forest of evergreen pine, fir and cedar trees, as you follow a winding road throughout the property.

Our course presents shooters with a wide variety of targets that duplicate the flight path of gamebirds such as flushing, crossing, incoming and other angling shots. Targets are changed approximately every 2 weeks. Shooters are permitted to shoot at all stations or just the stations they choose. We provide a “menu” for our course.



100 Targets $29.00

50 Targets $18.00

Additional Targets are $.30 each


100 Targets $36.00

50 Targets$23.00

Wobble Trap (member/non-member): $7.50 for 25 Targets
Shotgun Rental: $10.00

Golf cart rental fee: Members $15, Non-member $25

The Rules

Comming Soon

Sporting Clays Membership

Individual Membership: $50 per year

Family Membership: $75 per year for all adults in the household