3-Bird/Buddy Shoot

Come join us for our annual 3-bird/buddy shoot next Saturday, April 29th!

The shoot will begin at 8:30am and you may shoot until 2pm.

The cost is $40 for the 3-bird (99 targets) and $20/person for the buddy shoot (99 targets). Shoot both for $55!

Lunch is included

What is a 3 bird shoot?

As the name implies, with a 3 bird shoot, three (3) clay targets are thrown/launched at the same time when the shooter calls for the targets.   In order to participate in a 3 bird shoot the shooter needs a semi-automatic shotgun capable of holding three shells.  The shooter loads three shells (no more) and attempts to break all three targets thrown.  33 sets of targets (99 total) are thrown in a 3 bird course.


As an alternative, or if a shooter does not have a semi-automatic shotgun, we offer a BUDDY SHOOT.  Similar to a 3 bird shoot in that three targets are thrown at the same time, a buddy shoot utilizes two shooting cages that are next to each other and allows for two shooters to shoot at the 3 targets thrown simultaneously.  Each shooter in a Buddy Shoot loads two shells in their gun so as a Buddy Shoot you have four (4) shells to break three targets.  Strategy is very important with Buddy Shoot in terms of determining who will break what targets.


We hope to see you there!